12 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Experience the Joy and Pass it On!

I take for granted that everyone is joyful because it is a natural state for me, almost all of the time. There is nothing more fun for me than to spread this joy to others and then bask in it together!

I used to think that everyone experienced this carefree attitude about life but after speaking with counselors, friends and several life coaches about it, I realize that this is a gift that I have and something not to be taken lightly. Since it was something that came easily to me from a very young age I didn’t put much value on it.  I cultivated this fun-loving personality at age 6 and have carried it with me all of these years.

It is a celebration of Life.

I’ve used it to help people, I’ve used it to amuse people, I’ve used my joyful spirit in my singing career, acting career and I’ve used it mostly to help others  feel a little bit of what I feel almost all of the  time. I now know that one of the reasons I’m on this earth is simply to spread joy! What a concept! I hope you will join me because it is much more fun to experience  joy with others than by yourself.

The purpose of this website is to experience the joy and then pass it on! We can share stories, ideas of how to experience more joy in your own life and how to create joy for others. I would be most grateful if you would take this journey with me and help create a more joyful world. What could be better than that???

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