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A Little Glow Brings Me Joy

I’ve been a sun worshiper all of my life. I’ve got the little brown dots on my body and wrinkles to prove it. I’ve gained some wisdom since those days of baking in the mid day sun slathered in baby oil.

I don’t have the time or patience now to lay in the sun for hours.

Growing up, we just happened to have intercoms in every room of our house.

When it was time to lay out in the sun, I’d crank up my favorite Chaka Khan records and pipe it all through the house and out onto the patio. All windows and doors were wide open. The louder the better. I’d dance and sing in the back yard feeling pretty darn cool about myself, just me and Chaka. I was going to be Chaka one day!

How my mother put up with me I’ll never know. She was a saint.

I’d lay there on my chaise lounge with the hose by my side just in case I needed a little shpritz. What a life. Schools out, summer vacation is in and what could be better than spending time turning your body into a nice charred piece of meat?

My days of roasting are over but I must say, it still gives me great JOY to look in the mirror after a long winter of looking like wall paper paste and see a somewhat bronzed, semi reddish healthy glow looking back at me.

Don’t you find everything changes once spring arrives? We have more energy, we get a little tan, we look a little healthier, we smile more, we are nicer to others and are all around happier.

Welcome Spring. It is upon us so experience the joy and pass it on!

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