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A Man Named Steve

We have an interesting and wonderful store in our community named Amazing Savings.  The store sells lots of health food, condiments, and other grocery items at discount prices.

The real reason I’m writing this is because one of the employees there is worth writing about. His name is Steve. I don’t even know his last name but once you meet Steve you can’t forget him.

Steve is a loud,  friendly, cozy guy from NY.  He greets you from across the store as you enter and almost always wants to give you a hug. He runs around helping people willingly and is smiling every time I see him.

We have conversations about food, music, camping, our upbringing, whatever.  He always has time to chat and you can bet he treats most of the customers in this same warm fashion.

In this day of computers, Ipods, cell phones and all  the other fancy technology, it is a real pleasure to have someone like Steve working with the public. Most cashiers these days barely look up when they wait on you. Steve does his job with enthusiasm and has such a joyful spirit. You leave feeling like you just had a visit with a dear old friend. If you weren’t a buddy of his when you entered the store, you most likely will become one by the time you leave the store.

I told the owner, “Your employee Steve is a real gem .”  He replied “Yes, I know.” I don’t think I’m the first person to comment on Steve. He sticks out like a big bunion.

The next time you see Steve at Amazing Savings, let him know how great he is. It never hurts to let people know how you feel about them.  If there’s someone in your community that goes the extra mile and is a joy, I suggest you tell them. Go ahead and make their day.

We certainly could use a few more people like Steve in this world.  We’d be spreading joy to each other constantly back and forth like a ping pong ball. What a great thing that would be.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!

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