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A Moment To Ponder And Reflect

I had a dear girlfriend of mine commit suicide last month and it really shook my world. I had just gone to her wedding reception in July and she was gone in February.  How could that be? Does that make sense? Where’s the joy in that?

I allowed myself to feel the pain, cry and assimilate what had happened and then I moved on.  I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t  wrap your mind around a lot of things in this world. The world doesn’t always make sense.

As Bruce Hornsby says in one of his great songs  “It’s just the way it is.”  I do my best not to attach too much drama to any situation and  I try not to hold on to those sad emotions for too long. It does not serve me or anyone else.

Like everything else in life, we have the yin and the yang. We have our cold winters in order to appreciate the warm summers, we have our rainy days in order to appreciate the sunny skies, we have  sorrows to appreciate our joys, and challenges to appreciate our victories.

I used to try to figure out why so many people were starving in other parts of the world,  why we have wars and why there are earthquakes that kill thousands  and on and on. I love spending time with my dear Ananda Marga sisters (nuns) next door . They  travel around the world helping the poor and destitute.  I realize that they do their best to contribute  but they are detached. They have to be in order to stay strong and continue on with their service work.

After going through the grieving process and coming to terms with the loss of a friend, I asked myself what am I to learn from this?  What is the gift I’m receiving?

It brought to light how much I appreciate my wonderful husband.  I make sure he knows how important he is to me.  It made me think of my family and good friends and how much they mean to me.  It made me think about joy and not to waste moments being angry or upset over stupid things.  It’s a waste of time. It made me realize that it is always worth the extra effort to be with the people you love and to take the time to make that phone call to your 86 year old mother just to say hello…..again.

I’m glad that I made the effort to drive  two hours to attend my friends cocktail party that night in July.  It was just a small cocktail party. Most of the people there were neighbors.  I could have easily skipped going . What if I had skipped it?  I guess that would have been ok too, but the way I look at it is…… it gave me one more day to share  joy and laughter  with a friend before she left us.  It’s all ok…..it’s just the way it is.

So don’t forget……Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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