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A Surprise From Brazil

I’ve got a pretty amazing joy story to share with you today.

Two years ago Ken and I released a CD called “Soul Affirmation-Music For Better Outcomes.”  Ken had been online looking for an image of a lotus flower for the cover of the CD, and  he came across a photo of an abstract oil painting done by a gentleman in Brazil.

Ken wrote to the man asking him if he could use his image for the cover of the CD and surprisingly enough he was quite willing and honored.

We finished the CD, used his design for the cover, and sent several copies to our new friend in Brazil.  We were hoping that he would be happy with the way his painting transferred onto the CD cover.

We didn’t hear anything from him for over a year. We thought maybe he didn’t like it or didn’t receive it.  We found it a bit odd that he hadn’t responded back to us.

Finally, one day we got a note from this man saying he was so grateful to us for spreading his art work around that he wanted  to paint something for us. We discussed the image and what we would like and he said he would send us the finished painting in about eight months.

The other day we got the painting in the mail. How exciting.  It’s a very large beautiful abstract lotus flower done in oranges and reds.

Now we have a new friend in Brazil, a new original piece of artwork painted by our friend in Brazil, and a great joy story to tell.

Thank you Rosalvo Leomeu Vidal.

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