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A Theatrical Labor Of Love

Isn’t it something when a bunch of people get together for a cause and create something incredibly cool? This past weekend was like that for me.

A group of special people got together to put on a play to raise money for the community. Over the course of eight weeks we  encountered many obstacles and some days it seemed like there was no way we’d ever get through the drama of it all. You know how actors are! A crazy bunch for sure.

We worked diligently to learn our lines, get the blocking just right, find the costumes, create characters and put together a set. We rehearsed three nights a week for three hours and everyone was dedicated and passionate about what they were doing.

The guys who built the set were there for three days hammering, sawing, drilling and painting. The lights were hung and the sound was checked. What an awesome space they created out of nothing to present this play.

Two nights before the performance things weren’t going too well and the spirit of the players was slowly sinking. What do we do now? Work harder, and we did.

Dress Rehearsal came and it was great. The three performances were fabulous. How did that happen? It was like everyone kicked into high gear just as we got close to the finish line.

We had great audiences all three nights and everyone laughed, cried and had a wonderful time while raising money for the community.

What a great feeling it is to come together, have fun, work hard and raise money for a good cause. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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