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Am I Losing My Mind?

You know how you end up with one sock and you don’t know for the life of you where the other one is? I really do believe that washing machines eat our clothes and they turn up in the sewer pipe somewhere. Maybe someone’s setting up a thrift shop underground.

I must be losing my mind because two articles of my clothing have just disappeared from this house. The thing is, it isn’t a sock. A really nice black dress is missing and I can’t find my pair of shorts.

The dress has been in my closet all summer.  I went to wear it a few months ago and it wasn’t there.  I’ve looked through my closet and every other closet five times and it has vanished. Vanished I tell you!

Ken and I went camping not too long ago.  When we got back, I washed my shorts and hung them on the line. I remember taking them down and folding them. They are gone. Just plain gone! Now, either I’m losing my mind or there’s a ghost in this house playing around with me.

I got so crazed about this that I thought maybe someone came into our house and stole them. I said to Ken “I think we have intruders. It’s the only explanation that I can think of, because I’m missing some clothing and I know I didn’t do anything with them.”  “Ken, did you take my dress?”  He looked at me with that odd look of his.

I tore through Kens drawers, my drawers, the laundry, the closets, the washer, and the linen closet. I’ve become crazy over this because clothes just don’t disappear do they?  Socks do, but dresses and shorts don’t.

I’m trying not to have a cardiac over this but I can’t tell you how nuts I’ve been going over and over this in my mind.  Could I have brought them somewhere and don’t remember? Could they have fallen out of the window? Did moths carry them away to some foreign land?  I just can’t figure this one out!

It would bring me great joy if I found my clothes, not because I miss them so much but I would feel better knowing that I”m not losing my mind. Hmmm….or am I?

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