19 April 2010 ~ 4 Comments

And Frito Appears

I used to work for a vet, that’s trouble right there when you are a dog lover.

At the time, Ken and I  had two dogs Gaylord and Sheba. Sheba was actually the neighbors dog but chose to live with us because we gave her love and attention which she wasn’t getting at home.

Frito was brought in to our office by a woman who had almost run over him.  He had been a stray hanging around the golf course for several weeks.  She had five cats of her own and was leaving to go back to Florida the next morning so she couldn’t possibly keep him.

He spent the day with us in the vets office and the resident cat Vivi Pitsi Paw had just had a litter of kittens. Frito got a little too curious and Vivi clawed Frito in the eye. Lets add some commotion shall we?  Yelping, screeching, drama all around. The Dr. quickly picked Frito up and checked his cornea which had been scratched open. Isn’t that great? Now we have a traumatized stray with a punctured eyeball.

I’ll just take him home for a few days until he heals and we can find a home for him. “Look Ken, isn’t he the cutest?”  The story always starts that way doesn’t it? We’ve had him for ten years now, eye in tact.

It’s amazing how love can change an animal. Poor Frito was skinny, his little face was sunk in and he was afraid of everything. He would hide under our coffee table and not come out. He chewed the lamp cord out of nervousness and was very skittish around people.

If you were to see Frito now he is a big mush and will sprawl across your lap in a heartbeat to receive a good belly scratch. He goes to the bank and does tricks for the tellers in order to get his biscuit, he sings to the harmonica in his horny tenor voice. He loves to go for car rides and he’s the best canoe buddy. He is always right there at the helm never afraid that he’s going to fall over board. When he does go plunk into the water on occasion, Ken grabs him by the scruff of the neck and pulls him out. He shakes a bit and climbs right back up on the rim like nothings happened. “I’m a big boy!”

Frito still has a few issues like his disdain for motorcycles, but I suppose we all have our quirky somethings don’t we? Why should animals be any different? We all have our unique personalities.

The love we’ve given Frito over the years has completely transformed him into this wonderful, lovable, fur baby and every day I am grateful for his presence. What a joy it is to have him as part of our family.

Gaylord and Sheba lived to be sixteen and are no longer with us. The joy we shared with those two will stay in our hearts forever.

Experience joy and pass it on.

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