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Are You A Shower Hog?

This morning I got up groggy after a late night out. I looked in the mirror with a scary mess of a hairdo looking back at me. I have big hair so it can get in quite a heap after a good nights sleep. Poor Ken has to look at me. I certainly don’t look like one of those Desperate Housewives when they get up.

I opened the curtain to the shower and turned the little handles on. Amazing. Water came pouring out! Not just water but really warm water. I climbed in and stood there for a few moments blessing the shower.

What a wonderful thing that we take for granted. If you’re a shower hog like I am, I sometimes stand there for five minutes just enjoying the water pouring down on me. All of a sudden my awareness kicks in and I think to myself “You’re wasting water, stop that!”

Isn’t it the best feeling to jump into a warm shower after taking a long hike, or after working in the yard all day?  There you are with dirty fingernails, a sweaty body, and stinky pits. You strip off all of your gummy clothes,  toss off the socks with bits of grass and leaves in them and jump into the warm spray of water. You grab the Dial soap and lather up. Ahhh. What could be better? I’m not sure.

If you are lacking joy in your life try to become aware of the little things that are so easily glossed over. For me, a shower is one of my greatest joys and I am thankful every time I look up at the shower head and water comes pouring out.

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