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Are You Afraid Boredom Will Ruin Your Marriage?

Saturday morning around 7:00am I woke up and looked over at my cute husband of many years lying next to me. I thought, well, here we are again. I imagine we’ll have this same routine of getting up, washing our faces, making the coffee, having breakfast and continuing on with the day for the rest of our lives. It’s not a bad thing at all. I’m so grateful for our time together. We have a wonderful marriage and relationship.

I decided to make this morning a little different. Before my husband was completely awake I started singing. The first song that came to  mind was “Spanish Flea” by Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass.  Don’t ask me why that stupid song popped into my head, but it did.  Don’t know this song, take a listen. It will give you a good idea of how funny I looked and sounded lying on my back looking up at the ceiling singing this song.

I began mimicking a trumpet and went through the whole song a few times until my husband slowly woke up. I could tell he wasn’t thrilled with my vocal performance and antics.  Ooops, maybe I’m making him mad instead of amusing him. I took my chances and kept singing.  As I continued making noises and getting kookier  I noticed  the sides of his lips were turning up and a smile emerged from his dead pan face. I knew I could get a positive reaction from him if I kept it up long enough. I sang the song again, this time a little louder with more animation.

The next thing I knew, my husband chimed in with me very softly at first. Then he let it out full throttle. There we were singing like trumpets to the tune of  the “Spanish Flea” song. We carried on for about fifteen minutes singing at the top of our lungs. I’m sure our neighbors heard us because we live close enough to shake hands out of our window. We broke into big smiles and then mega laughter. We hadn’t done something goofy like that in a long time and it felt soooo good.

It’s good to have a routine but it sure can get boring. Throw a little unexpected nonsense into your life now and then and keep each other laughing. It makes for a good marriage. Trust me, I’ve been happily married for twenty nine years and we still have fun together.

Happy Holidays to You and Your Family and may your New Year be filled with Joy!


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