20 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Are You Living in the Moment Today?

The only reason I’m writing this blog today is because I am able to write it on my deck while sitting in the sun. I’m not sure I would have gotten anything written if I had to go into the office. Thank you Toshiba for creating the laptop.

For me, after a long dreary winter the first few beautiful warm days are so exciting. I can’t get myself to do anything but appreciate the wonderful day. I’d like to rake or clean up the debris from the winter. Nope. I’d like to trim the trees that are hanging to the ground. Nope. I just need to observe and appreciate if for a few days before I can actually start being a part of it. I need to be separate of it to really see it. Are you with me?

This morning I laid on my deck, Ken stretched out on one side of me and my dog Frito stretched out on the other side of me. I listened to the birds chirping in 14 different languages. I said hello to the three little flowers in my yard that were waving at me, “Yoo Hoo-Look at us-we Made it!”  “Aren’t we Beautiful?” I answered, “Yes, you are!”

I thanked God for the glorious sunshine. I was in a complete state of joy just appreciating the moment of what was. No thoughts of what I will do today, no thoughts of what time it was, no pressures put upon myself to get the dishes done, make the bed, or get myself  in gear to go hiking. I just laid there appreciating the glorious moment.

I suggest you try it today. Stop talking, put down the cell phone, don’t worry about what you need to do and turn off the brain for just 10 or 15 minutes.  Lay on the ground in the glorious sunshine and just be in the moment. Take notice of the wind, the sun, the sounds, the smells and SMILE a  HUGE SMILE of JOY!


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