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I Just Caught My Husband Watching

The other night I came downstairs to the funniest sight. My dashing husband was dressed in his hip jeans, awesome shirt, snappy suit jacket,  sitting in a chair watching the Lawrence Welk Show.  I was going out for the evening with a girl friend but I had to stop in my tracks to take notice of this strange phenomenon. I started to laugh out loud. Within minutes we were both laughing hysterically.

I sat down beside my husband and we started analyzing this extremely nice, corny, clean cut program that once entertained people like my mother and father and thousands of others in it’s day. Mr. Welk introduced champagne music. I must admit, I would need to be drinking champagne to get through this program now.

The theme of this evenings show was Mary Poppins. Chim, Chimney, Chim Chimney, Chim Chim Charee……..came out of this nice, clean cut, fluffy dressed man. It was quite comical. The girls were dressed in pretty dresses with collars up to their eyeballs and had massive bonnets on their massive hairdo’s on their massive heads.  They had live pigeons on the set pecking at feed to the tune of “Feed the Birds”.

I wonder about all those squeaky- clean performers on that show. Were they really that wholesome or was it in their contract to be that lovely. It seems to me that I heard somewhere that Lawrence ran a very tight ship. I think that crew of kids were probably drinking behind the scenes.  Those poor musicians in the background….they had puke green suits on. Why? Any color but puke green. Of course Lawrence wore baby blue most of the time and that was pretty gross.

We watched the tap dancer, and then out came some guy dressed as Davie Crockett. He started to sing and we both smiled.  We talked about the innocence of this show. How the heck did Lawrence Welk end up with his own show anyway?

What a different time.  As corny as the Lawrence Welk show was, it really did serve a purpose and entertained the masses. It probably still does since the reruns are still on.

I can remember watching it with my parents. It really wasn’t my thing but I kind of liked one of the Lennon sisters. I think it was the youngest one Janet. I wanted to be a singer so I studied other performers. I decided she was a little too proper for me so I moved on to studying Petula Clark and Melissa Manchester at the time. They weren’t exactly hell raisers but a bit more contemporary.

I got on the internet  to see what the Lennon sisters are doing now. Most of them went to Branson, Missouri to perform after their gig with the Lawrence Welk Show was up. They still live there and it looks like they’re still singing. That’s cool. They have their niche down.

The Lawrence Welk show is a far cry from Lady Gaga, Beyonce and J Lo that’s for sure.  Times have really changed and I guess they both have their place in this world.

Lawrence Welk died at the age of 89 in 1992. Bless you Lawrence Welk, you brought joy to so many.

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