03 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Bowling With Venereal Diseases

Once a year we get a group of people together in Asheville to hit the bowling lanes. We aren’t very good but we always have a good time. For most of us, if we break a hundred we’re happy.

To make the experience more interesting, we decided to change our names to venereal diseases. We had chlamydia, VD, shingles, herpes. syphilis and others. I think there were fourteen of us lunatics.

We were a little concerned with having our names up on the big screen for all to see, but shouldn’t they be having their own good time? I must say, the only hooting and hollering came from our three lanes.

“Hey Shingles, you’re up!” No one even noticed. To top it off Ken pulls out a box of candy cigarettes from his pocket and offers everyone a smoke. You know, the ones with the little red tips. There we were grown adults with candy cigarettes hanging out of our mouths yelling out Venereal Diseases.

That’s what I love about this group of people. When we get together crazy things happen and you can feel the love and joy mingling from one person to the next.  Like I say, “Experience The Joy And Pass It On!”

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