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Brutal Honesty Can Increase Joy

Have you ever had a friend say something to you that was brutally honest? I have. The funny thing is….it felt good in a way. I think true friends should be able to say “That was hurtful” or “You really got on my nerves.”

I’ve heard of many people losing friendships over some squabble or misunderstanding that they’ve had and the only thing that I can say to that is….I guess it wasn’t much of a friendship if it dissolved that easily.

I’m willing to work to keep my friendships. They are that important to me. There’s a joy in knowing that your friend can share their feelings with you. It may be uncomfortable to hear what they have to say. You may have to own up to something that you said or did that hurt them, but I think it deepens the relationship if you can sit down and talk about it.

Life is too short to hold onto grudges. I don’t want to clutter up my life with negative feelings. If I did, then there would be no room for the joy. Hmmm…..let me think about this……do I want to feel lots of joy and happiness or do I want to hold onto crap that makes me feel sad and angry.

The thing with a grudge is, it keeps rearing it’s ugly head over and over again. Every time you see your friend you act nice like everything is fine, but underneath there’s that little bit of a snarl that you feel towards them. Kind of like rotten food….it stays in your stomach and you feel sick until you eliminate it, completely.

This holiday season try to be more tolerant. If there’s an issue that’s really bothering you with a friend or family member, why not try to sit down and talk to them about it. Don’t yell and scream and get dramatic and attack. Tell the other person how you’re feeling and have a discussion. I bet you’ll have a deeper understanding and feel more joyous when it’s all over.

I think everything can be solved if you take the time to communicate without lashing out at each other. I suppose that’s why I’ve been happily married for twenty nine years to my very best friend.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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