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Won’t You Share a Story With Me?

Everybody Has a Story!

Don’t you love to relive crazy stories or times that really made you laugh? My girlfriend and I relive our episodes over and over again because we almost get the same high talking about them as we did when we actually experienced them. It’s kind of like watching Seinfeld reruns. I’ve seen some of them 10 times and I still laugh.

Here’s just one of many stories that still makes me laugh.

When I was about 21 I went to NYC, I was a budding singer at the time. I didn’t have much money so I elected to stay at the Martha Washington Hotel for a while. Lovely place that housed  women with blue hair.The Holiday Inn it wasn’t but it was all I could afford at the time. I was looking for my big break. You know the story, mid western girl from Englewood, Ohio goes to NY and gets discovered.

I was running out of money so I answered an ad in the paper for a job on Wall Street at some large Law Office. Lets call it Rosenbloom,Rosencrantz and Rosenbaum. Somehow I got the job as one of the secretaries to one of the lawyers in the firm. I must have reminded the guy of his daughter or something because why he hired me I’ll never know. I had no office experience what-so-ever.I barely knew how to turn the typewriter on. Yes-typewriter.

Anyway, I remember having an out of body experience sitting there at my desk looking at myself from above panicked and almost hysterical. I don’t know if it was a feeling of overwhelming fear or thinking “This is the funniest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”I guess there is a fine line between the two,like pleasure and pain.

I remember getting pages of text from this lawyer with all kinds of correction symbols on it. I couldn’t read his handwriting and I didn’t understand what any of the symbols meant so I had to keep going into his office every 10 minutes to ask him what all of this meant. He looked at me like I was some kind of a lunatic.Needless to say he was not amused and I was gently let go after about a week. I was so relieved to be out of there. One of the crazier things I’ve done for sure! One of the crazier things they did for sure-hire me!

When I’m not feeling too confident I go back and revisit some of my experiences. They remind me of how gutsy I was and can still be if I would only allow myself.

What’s Your Story?

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  1. gadabout 13 March 2010 at 10:22 pm Permalink

    It was the fall of 1993, during my first solo cross-country travels, when I found myself in an unnerving situation. The tiny Toyota truck, with a small camper shell on the back, served as my home on wheels and it was actually quite comfortable. After a couple of weeks traveling alone I had adjusted well and was beginning to enjoy a new level of intuition.

    I was in Washington, headed west toward the Olympic Peninsula, enjoying an area that I had never been to before. I stopped often to explore and take photos. There’s no reason to wear a watch if you are to enjoy the journey. With that philosophy I dawdled into the late afternoon.

    Just a few days into my trip I had given away my AAA campground guides after I realized that state campgrounds were marked on my trusty Rand McNally atlas. Plus I found many small campgrounds along the way without having to look. I hadn’t thought about where I would park myself for the evening when I realized it was getting dark. The atlas showed no state park close by but surely there would be some little park or camp soon. I drove well past dark and was beginning to worry.

    Finally, there was a small sign with an arrow pointing to a primitive campground. The dirt drive dropped rather steeply down and to the left. As I slowly followed the one lane drive I gazed through the woods in hopes of seeing some sign of life. The drive took me farther in the woods. At this point I began to question my newly awakened intuition which had seem to point me down the hill. I even imagined the harsh warnings my grandmother would give me if she saw where I was! I was so tired and wanted to sleep.

    At last, I saw a car tucked into the woods, and the another and as I crept around the campground loop I realized it was clearly a popular little camp. There were lots of trees ans shrubbery between all the sites which offered lots of privacy. None of that KOA stuff here – just good old Mother Nature. I, thankfully, found an open site, backed in and crawled in the back and into my little bed. Outside was the smell of campfires and the delightful camp sounds of laughter and soft whispers. Grateful and safe – surely I must’ve smiled in my sleep.

    It’s still dark, I’m awakened, I’m startled. OMG! Someone is trying to get in the truck……no…..the truck is being moved up and down…..a lot! Oh damn, my grandmother was right! I’m scared. It is almost light. I creep very slowly up to the cab window and look out. It’s pretty dark but my eyes are focusing………………
    Finally, I see her. It’s a beautiful deer scratching her butt on my bumper!

    In the many miles I’ve traveled as a single woman that is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

  2. admin 14 March 2010 at 2:10 pm Permalink

    Wow-I can only imagine how scary that must have been but what a joyous moment to see the beauty of this animal and realize it wasn’t some lunatic with a shot gun!

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