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Celebrate Who You Are

Have you ever had someone say to you “Oh you’re just too sensitive.”   Did you get the feeling that something was wrong with you for being so sensitive?  Doesn’t it have a negative connotation?

How about this one?  “Can’t you find something better to do than draw those silly pictures?”  Instead of our parents focusing in on the things we naturally do and see them as a sign post  to what we naturally love, we are stifled and told to do something else. We grow up thinking that what we were doing wasn’t good enough or that it was a waste of time.

I’ve always been a bit kooky and child like.  I spent most of my time dancing and singing around the house and doing impersonations.  Even now, as an adult I like to keep my life lighthearted because it helps me cope with a serious cruel world.  After all, don’t taxes, car repairs, dentist appointments and household chores get a bit mundane?  Dealing with life and all it’s decisions isn’t always easy. We also have our emotions and baggage from the past we carry around with us  forever.  Phew, I’m exhausted thinking about it.

For me, it is about making my little world a happier place to live in. I can’t control how most of the world is, but I can work on keeping life joyous for me and those around me. If everyone worked on their own little circle the whole world would benefit. We would be like ripples in the ocean.

Some people may think I’m some kind of a nut for spending time writing these joy blogs.  I realized in a coaching session that I like to write and express myself through stories. I’m not an English major so I’m sure my writing isn’t always grammatically  correct. I care a little, but not all that much.  I don’t know how this blog started and I don’t know where it will lead. I just write, because…..I want to?  How about that.

I went to hear a local author Patti Digh speak about her book called “Creative is aVerb.” She was trying to get the point across that we are all creative. It doesn’t mean that you have to do something monumental with your creativity.  It doesn’t mean that you have to make a lot of money from your creativity. It means just express yourself in whatever way feels right.

I have a friend who just naturally has a knack for interior decorating.  I marvel at the way she puts things together and has an eye for what looks good. She doesn’t think much of it but I find her extremely creative.  Acknowledge that you are a creative being no matter how small it seems. Some people put on their makeup and look stunning or they have a stylish way of dressing. Some people can cook up a storm and think nothing of it while others would be sweating bullets. This is all creativity in motion.

I spent the past few years working with several life coaches. One thing that I learned about myself was I didn’t think that my silly self was good enough. Instead of using my silliness as  a unique badge of honor, I was trying to change into a more serious type of person. I thought it was the correct thing to do. After all, I’m an adult and it is time for me to grow up and get serious. Why do we turn into these serious people with heavy hearts? Is that how we should be just because we’re older? Not in my world.

I write my stories and I continue to do crazy things even though I am an adult and I am proud of it. I am happy to be the nut that I am. Look at Robin Williams, Lucille Ball,  or Jim Carey, they certainly got in touch with who they were and they let their light shine in a big way.

Ask yourself, what makes me light up?  What gets me excited?  What do I like to do that’s fun?  I just had this conversation with a young girl at the gym.  She is very in tune with herself.  She loves to move her body. She is a trainer, a wellness coach and loves to dance. These are the things that she spends time doing and it makes her happy. Even if you have to be in a cubicle all day,  find the time to do something that brings you joy just for the joy of it.

My friend Breah says: “Be who you are, it is so much more than enough” and I believe it.  Don’t squash the creative, authentic side of yourself.  That’s the most important part of you. The other stuff we do for survival.

Don’t try to be like anyone else. You are like a unique snowflake. They all look the same but every one of them is special and different. Use your oddness, your over the top intelligence, your extra sensitivity, your annoying methodical nature or whatever it is to make your mark in a big way.  Do not apologize.  Be who you are and own it. Use those unique characteristics to your benefit.  This is what makes you special and we love you for it.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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