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Hey-Do I Know You?

My trip to Ohio last week was a real hoot. Not only did I get to see my family but I ran into some guy that I worked with in 1972.  How crazy is that?

Mom and I were out scooting around in the very small town of Englewood where I grew up.  We just happened to stop at this new consignment shop. It was a great store, beautifully decorated with furniture, art and all kinds of interesting things.

The gentleman who owned it was working behind the counter and we struck up a lively conversation about the little squishy gel blocks that were floating in his flower arrangement.  These things are very cool if you can find them.

Mike was one of those easy to talk to people where you felt like you’d known him forever. He had been away living in Maui and Colorado for thirty years but came back to take care of his ailing mother and father. He said that it wasn’t so bad being back,  it gave him the opportunity to open the store of his dreams. In Englewood?  I sure hope it survives.

As we were ready to leave he said “You sure look familiar to me.”  He said he knew someone that looked like me, her name was Amy. “I’m Amy I said,” not expecting me to be thee Amy.

Chatting away we found out that we had both graduated the same year but from different high schools. I couldn’t imagine where he knew me from. He didn’t look familiar to me at all.  I said, “I used to work at Cassanos Pizza King when I was in high school.”  He said, “That’s It! I worked there in 1972.”  Are you kidding me? This guy actually remembered me from Cassanos Pizza King where I was a waitress adorned in a tacky black and red peasant dress which laced up the front?  He told me that I still looked the same and that my voice was the same. Oh pleassssse!

We started comparing notes and talked about our crazy days at the restaurant. We talked about the other people that worked with us. Oh yes, how could we forget JR?  I couldn’t believe it. It was one of those flip out moments. I felt like hitting him in the chest just like Elaine does to Jerry on Seinfeld but controlled myself. “GET OUT!”

We talked about the time JR and I put whipped cream in the little dishes of cottage cheese that sat in the walk in cooler. We talked about the soft serve ice cream mixed with hot pudding that we would have before every shift. We laughed about JR making mistakes on the pizza orders just so we could eat them.

No, I am not proud of the crap we used to do and I’m sure I got my karma from the employees we had at our TCBY store.  I can only imagine how many gummy worms they consumed or how many sundaes went out the front door with their best friends.

As Mike and I said goodbye, I had such a warm feeling inside. I’m not sure what was so special about it, but it was. I suppose it was the connection to a long lost friend. I thought maybe I should have gotten his phone number or his email so we could keep in touch, but I didn’t. It was pure joy in that moment and that was probably enough for both of us.

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