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Do You Have A Blind Spot When It Comes To Seeing Your Own Value?

I was blind but now I see. What a great line. I couldn’t see for a long time because I was too close to it. Now I do.

I’ve studied personal development for years because I like it. I love learning about human behavior, our needs, emotions and what we all go through as humans. I also want to get better as a human being and find ways to help others using my innate gifts and talents.

We all have gifts and talents that we came to this world with naturally and we all have talents that we’ve cultivated over the years. The innate ones usually show up when we’re kids. Sometimes we see these gifts and some times we don’t.

I was lucky….I found my gifts early on and got to live out my dream, singing and entertaining. So much so, that I didn’t put much value on it. It was just something that I did. Big deal right? So I can sing and entertain people.

I am at the stage in my life where I’m looking at myself in a new light. I am asking lots of questions. I am doing major work on myself. What do I have to offer, what can I give to others that they will find valuable?

We go through different stages of our life so our values change. When you were young you probably valued fun, being popular, looking cool, getting a car, etc.

The next stage of life you may have valued your job, money, your home, raising a family, security. Moving into the next stage of life, maybe cooking, cleaning, and the same old routine just doesn’t do it for you any longer. You’re ready to take some risks, you’re looking for adventure, you want to do something creative like paint or sing and you want your life to count for something in a bigger way.

I’ve had several people ask me if I would give them voice lessons. I immediately said no because I didn’t think I could teach. I wasn’t a trained singer. I didn’t go to the conservatory of music and get a degree in music. How could I possibly teach someone when I know nothing?

Where did I get that belief? I’ve been singing professionally for thirty years and I don’t feel like I have anything to give or share?  I didn’t put any value on the thirty years of experience and expertise that I had gotten by living the life of an entertainer.

I thought I needed credentials.  I’m not as good as everyone else because they went to school.  I who have been singing, dancing and acting for thirty years don’t feel like I have anything to offer of value to other people?

Hmmm……that’s a learned belief and a mindset that I have been holding on to. There are people out there that are petrified to open their mouths and sing a note. I know I can help them.

I finally gave in to a friend and said that I would give her voice lessons.  This isn’t someone who wants to become a big star. This is someone who wants to open themselves up through their voice.

It was about stretching, getting her out of her comfort zone. I realized that I can use my talents to help others gain self confidence, face their fears, reach their potential, get happier and open themselves up to their own voice, so to speak.

We had our first voice lesson today. My student said she felt the energy and excitement from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She said she was on a HIGH because she was opening herself up….wide open.

I learned today that I have something valuable to give to others. Not helping people who want to become the next Beyonce, but helping people that don’t know who they are and need and want to step into their own lives in a larger way. Knowing that this voice lesson helped my friend and was valuable to her, made me see the value in myself.

We are so caught up in all of our old mindsets and beliefs that we’ve picked up over the years, that it clouds  our greatness.  We all have so much to offer we just can’t see it.

Use your gifts and talents to help others. Have you been a housewife your whole life? You can’t tell me that you didn’t become an expert in something.

I bet if we sat down and really looked at all the skills you’ve acquired by being a housewife and mother you would be amazed. Maybe you’re a great organizer, a great cook or baker. Maybe you’ve got an eye for interior design or gardening. How about taking care of  people?  Maybe you’re great at communicating or listening.

I’m sure you’ve learned patience and understanding. You must be an expert at that by now after raising three kids. You just need to find a way to use your skills to inspire, contribute and bring joy to others.

You are more valuable than you know, if you need help in seeing that blind spot, give me a call now.


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