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Do You Have Bumble Bee Syndrome?

Can you relate to this?

You wake up in the morning without a real plan for your day. The only thing you need to get done is your taxes.

I do this all of the time and as joyful as it is, I realize that sometimes planning out your day is a good thing. Especially for people like me who have Bumble Bee Syndrome but really need to get something accomplished.

On one hand, you are totally in the moment and living from a spontaneous place experiencing joy, and on the other hand you are buzzing around like a bumble bee not getting the important things done first because you are so scattered.

Here’s how the day goes.

While you’re having your morning cup of coffee you think about doing a load of laundry. You put a load of laundry in and then decide to sit at the computer for a while and work on your taxes. This is the most important task of your day and you really need to get them done.

On the way to your computer the phone rings and it’s your girlfriend Susie who wants to tell you all about the new puppy she adopted yesterday from the Humane Society. Of course you want to hear all about her new baby “Raisin”.

While you’re on the phone with Susie you just happen to glance over at your plants. They definitely need watering.  You hang up the phone, get out the watering can and give the plants a drink.

You see that your African Violet is getting too much sun, so you decide to rearrange your entire plant  scape.

The dead leaves on one of the plants is making you crazy. You get the scissors out and give the plant a quick haircut.

You remember  that you have a new basil plant on the porch which also probably needs watering. You head outside and lay the scissors down on the picnic table.

You see the grass needs mowing. What better time to mow than now?

After you mow the lawn you put your mower away and head back up the stairs to the deck. You pick up your scissors that were lying on the picnic table and head into the living room.

The Sunday paper is lying on the coffee table. Great, you’ll just sit down for a minute, cool off, and clip out some of the coupons.

You remember you need to get your taxes finished but it is now four o’clock and you’re getting hungry.

You walk into the kitchen and pick out one of your favorite cookbooks. Yep, linguini with clam sauce that sounds good.

You look in the pantry and you’re missing one important ingredient, clams.

You get the keys to your car and off you go to the grocery store.

You pass by the movie theater and one of your favorite movies is playing.

You get on the phone, call your friend Judy and tell her to meet you there in fifteen minutes. Who needed linguini and clam sauce anyway, popcorn will be just fine.

You get home at 11pm and think to yourself, what was it I wanted to get done today?  Oh crap, my taxes. I’ll do them tomorrow.

Experiencing joy in the moment is a wonderful way to live, but once in a while it may not hurt to plan out your day if you really want to get something important done. There’s a sense of satisfaction in marking things off of a list and time blocking your day.

If you have Bumble Bee Syndrome like me, start making lists and putting time guidelines to each of the tasks.  You will feel like you accomplished some goals that you have intentionally set out for yourself and you will feel better about rewarding yourself with some daily joy.



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