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Elizabeth On The Loose

A few posts ago I told you about the Mazda Miata that I once had and how much fun it was.

This is one of my favorite Miata moments.

We lived in a small sub-division in Boone,NC. Down the street lived an elderly couple Elizabeth and Thurman Tripp. They were always out on their front porch swinging after dinner, so we would stop by with our dog Gaylord and visit them.  Gaylord loved Thurman as he would always share his cookies with him. We soon adopted them as our Grandparents.

Ken would help Thurman with chores around the house  and Elizabeth and I would have tea. She showed me how to use one of those old fashioned contraptions to make apple sauce. It was like a funnel with teeth and a pestle. You crammed the apple in the thing and it grated the apples into sauce. I decided to buy one because it was such a novelty but soon found out that it’s a lot of work. It’s so much easier to buy the stuff in a jar.

The Tripp’s were lovely people. He was in his high 80’s and she was in her low 90’s. She was a lovely woman with gorgeous skin. I used to ask her what her secret was to staying so healthy and youthful looking. She would say “Ya just keep on going.” Simple enough.

I asked Elizabeth if she would like to take a ride in my Miata. Without a blink of an eye she said she would love to. I picked her up in my little white car ready to roll with the top down and she carefully climbed in. With a big smile on her face she took her little multi-colored babushka out of her handbag and wrapped it around her beautiful glistening white hair.  She looked like a  young school girl.

We made our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway and off we went, around the curves and up and down.  The wind was whipping around us and the sun was shining upon us. I looked over at Elizabeth and she was smiling up at the sky and then she let out a big “WHEEE!”

I am so happy that Elizabeth and I took that joyous ride together. She passed away shortly thereafter. I can still see her smiling.

It really is the simple pleasures that bring us joy, you just need to be aware of them. They’re all around us.

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