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Have You Ever Taken A Shower In Chicken Soup?

In my younger days,  I was the ring leader at the slumber parties when it came to doing  practical jokes.

“Hello!  This is the operator, are you expecting a call from Washington? No? That’s good because he’s been dead for a long time.”


“Do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can? You do? Well you better let him out before he suffocates.”

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One night Ken and I decided to pull a prank on my mother who was visiting from Ohio.

We went into my mothers bathroom and unscrewed the shower head. We carefully placed a chicken bouillon cube inside and screwed it back on.

The idea was for Ruthie to turn the hot water on, wait a few minutes and climb in to a shower of chicken soup! After all, she’s Jewish. What kind of Jewish woman doesn’t like Chicken Soup?

Ken and I waited quietly outside the bathroom door hoping we would get a whiff of the yummy soup or at least hear a scream come out of my mothers mouth. Nothing. How could this be?

Fifteen minutes went by and still no chicken soup? A faulty bouillon cube? She showers in cold water? What’s the problem?

After my mother got out of the shower we went in to inspect and for some reason the cube didn’t dissolve. Crap! I guess the water wasn’t on long enough or maybe it wasn’t quite hot enough.

We still had a great time and when we told her what we had in store for her she wasn’t all that amused. Maybe it was a good thing it didn’t work. Chicken stock can be slippery and that would have been disastrous if she had fallen. OY VEY!

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