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Feeling Crappy?

Are you feeling low? Do your days seem to drag on? Do you feel like there is really nothing happening in your life right now?

If you break down your day into individual moments, and look at them one by one, you will see that your day is made up of  so many amazing  things.

Making a fresh pot of coffee in the morning. Smelling the dark, smoky aroma as the liquid drips into your coffee pot is a pretty special moment. Another great moment might be taking your first sip of that coffee from your favorite mug-ahhh.

Snuggling with your dog on the couch in the afternoon or taking a walk with him outside in the glorious sunshine is a happy moment. Opening a new bar of chocolate, unwrapping it gently, peeling back the foil, snapping off a piece and then placing it in your mouth where it slowly and  gently melts on your tongue is a sensual moment.

Crawling into a warm cozy bed with your favorite jammies on, resting your head on a fluffy pillow wrapped in a crisp white  pillow case that smells downy fresh,  these are sweet moments.

How about that first moment the warm water hits your head in the shower and the water trickles down your face? How about the moment you walk in to the living room and notice that there is a new  purple bloom on your African Violet plant? What about that moment a friend gave you a smile because they were happy to see you and then they reached out to hug you?

Change your perspective on life by dissecting the day into moments and you will see that there are many wonderful things going on in your life each day.  All we have is the moment we are in, there is no guarantee we will be given another. Choose to focus on the best moments in your day and you will be a happier person.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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