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Five Fun Valentine Ideas!

If you are stuck in the rut of giving Flowers and Candy to your partner every Valentines Day, here are a few new ideas that may interest you.

This first one is a practical idea but a nice thing to do for someone.

1. Take your partners car and have it detailed. This time of year we tend to neglect our cars. It’s cold and dirty outside. Our garden hoses have been put away for the winter and who wants to take the time to get the vacuum out and clean the car. Pay someone to have it washed and detailed beautifully on the inside. If your husband, friend or significant other is a slob, believe me, they will appreciate this gift. Leave a love note with a chocolate inside the car and an invitation to go out that evening.

2. Send your partner an email stating that they are to mark off a certain day on their calendar for a surprise date. Tell them what to wear, what to pack and what time to be ready. Take them on a surprise get away. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It’s the surprise that’s the fun part. Take them to an aquarium for the day or the zoo. Take them on a hike and bring a surprise picnic lunch. Take them for a ride to another city just to take them out for lunch. Plan a whole day of little adventures for them  and keep them guessing. How about breakfast out, movie in the afternoon, and a walk in the park. Choose things that they might like to do.

3. Surprise you’re sweetheart with flowers or a gift but instead of having them delivered by a delivery boy bring them yourself. Break out into a love song in front of his or her co-workers. This might take some guts but I know you can do it!  How embarrassing right? She or he will be embarrassed for a moment but will love the fact that you are stating your love for him or her in front of everyone. Awww…..

4. My husband used to make me go on a Scavenger Hunt to find my Valentines Day gift. He would have pieces of paper with clues written on them placed all over the house.  If you’re giving someone a ring or something really special, you might make the scavenger hunt even harder by placing clues around town. Make sure the last clue leads them back home and have the surprise gift hidden under their pillow.

5. Too cold outside for a picnic? Have a picnic in the house on the living room floor. Get out mountains of pillows, blankets, candles, wine and some fun finger food. Read love stories or poems to each other. It’s that easy!

Whatever you choose to do this Valentines Day, celebrate the LOVE!





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