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Garlic Anyone?

Being with friends and having a great meal together ranks high for me in the joy department.

I was raised in Connecticut for the first eight years of my life and lived in a very ethnic neighborhood. We had the Italians on both sides of us, the Mazollas and the Mazukkas. Down the street we had the Pappas family. They were Greek.

Some of my happiest moments were spent in our neighbors kitchen listening to her scream at her three boys while making a huge pot of homemade pasta sauce. The house reeked of garlic and spices, and oozed with warmth and friendship.

We’d walk over to her house and have some of the best meals. The Italian sausages with sauteed peppers and onions on a crusty roll were to die for. Her spaghetti and meatballs, mama mia

Since I’ve been in Asheville I haven’t experienced a good Italian restaurant.

Last night a group of seven of us went to a new place called Vinnies and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. The atmosphere was comfortable but not stuffy. It was packed and quite noisy, but if you’re with a group of people it just adds to the gaiety.

We started out with these little garlic knots which were rolled in warm butter, parmesan and lots of GARLIC. Really good. I had the chicken marsala and a very nice ceaser salad. They brought a dessert platter out with canoli’s, cheesecake and tirimisu, all of it delicious. Add a nice bottle of wine and a bunch of fun people and you have a great evening in my book.

If I’ve had an evening of laughter I wake up in the morning feeling most satisfied.

The garlic gungh mouth will eventually go away thank goodness, but the joy of the evening will remain.

Experience  joy and pass it on!

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