13 April 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Harrahs Casino Nightmare

What a joy it is when things run smoothly.

We’re quick to complain when things go wrong, but are we aware enough to see and be grateful for the times when things go right? Do we even think about it?

Last Sunday our band played at Harrah’s in Cherokee. What could have been a complete nightmare ended up being a fairly painless event .

First of all, the place is under major construction. We were given all kinds of instructions about loading in. We would need to get security badges over here, take a shuttle over there, leave our cars here, drop off equipment there, park over here, take a shuttle back there and on it went. “Are you kidding me?”

We were supposed to do all this shuttling around and set up in an hour. Again, “Are you kidding me?” They assured us that there would be people to help us. “Oh yeah, right.” The amazing staff and valet attendant  did actually show up and were so helpful. They met us promptly, drove us around, helped us load in, shlepped the stuff up the elevator and down the hall through the laundry room and kitchen, took us to get our  security badges, and shuttled us from the parking lot to the venue two or three times.

The. staff stayed with us the entire time helping all five of us however they could. What could have been one more nightmare gig became just an inconvenience and we made it on time to play.

Ok-so I had a little mishap with my shoe as well. The elastic strap broke and two minutes before we were to start I was in the bathroom with a safety pin trying to somehow keep the shoe on my foot long enough to get through the gig. I managed and everything was fine.

I could have looked at the whole thing like the biggest pain in the neck. I chose to be grateful for the opportunity to sing, grateful to all the other musicians who arrived on time and were happy to give up their Sunday, and grateful to the staff who were there willingly to help us.

Experience Joy and Pass it On!

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