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Hate The Heat? Think About This!

Ah yes, the joys of summer. Ok, so you get  a little sweaty now and then from hanging out in these high temperatures of ninety five degrees. It certainly has been a hot one, but there are so many reasons to be happy.

How about when you eat a tomato and it tastes like a luscious tomato? Let’s not forget what a tomato tastes like in December right? UCH! In fact, most of the produce in the summer is yummy. Have you had a watermelon lately? They’ve been spectacular. Have you munched on some fresh corn on the cob?  In January you’ll be buying those frozen niblet things at the grocery store. How exciting is that?

Have you noticed all the gorgeous flowers and trees in bloom? Summer brings out the most glorious colors that nature has to offer. The roses, camellias, hydrangeas are all beautiful and the list goes on and on.

If you look around you may find some wild berries to pick. Just think, you don’t have to pay for them. Well, you don’t have to pay with cash, a scrape or two from thorns maybe, but what a treat it is to bring home a bucket of berries to make smoothies with. Nothing beats pancakes with fresh berries on top or how about blackberry scones? Stop already….I’m makin’ myself hungry!

I love to swim. I was determined to find a way to get into a swimming pool. Mission accomplished. I traded cat sitting for a dip in my friends pool. A wonderful trade if you ask me.

I took good care of her kitties for the weekend and the pool took care of my hot body and love of swimming. That’s JOY big time for me. A win, win situation.

I brought my little beach bag with a towel, some schmear, a few noshes and a drink down to the pool area. I plopped myself on the lounge chair and decided that I was in Bermuda. I could have been right? I could have been at some fancy resort pool for all I knew. The great thing about being at this pool in her condo complex was, there were only two other people there on a Saturday afternoon. Can you imagine? I was shocked and so happy. I had this gigantic pool all to myself. What could be better than that?

Another joyful thing about summer is the opportunity to wear itty bitty clothing. Isn’t it great to throw on shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops? I’m a beach bum at heart and could easily be happy wearing that kind of attire all year long.

I could go on about the joys of summer but I’m sure you have some special summer loves of your own. I hope you will share some of them with us.

Don’t forget to be in joy with summer, it will be over in a flash. We’ll be dragging out the winter coats and slipping on ice before you know it.

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