11 March 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Have You Buried Your Joy in the Closet?

My name is Amy LaDeroute and for as long as I can remember I’ve been a little bit kooky. I was quite shy as a kid but silly.  As I got older I got more confident and the craziness started coming out loud and clear.

This website is here to celebrate our joyous moments together.

For some of us, expressing our joy comes quite naturally and for others it doesn’t. For some of us acting crazy is easy and for others it isn’t. Some people may have experienced joy at one time but somehow lost it or stuffed it away in the closet with the tennis racket and skates that haven’t been seen in years. It is time to let the joy out!

I am here to help you with stories and ideas of how to create joy. I invite you all to join me. Please leave your comments on my joy log and share your daily experiences of joy with the rest of us. Please go to the tab “What Brings You Joy” and tell us your story or comment below.

Experience the joy and pass it on!


2 Responses to “Have You Buried Your Joy in the Closet?”

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