20 February 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Have Your Doves Landed?

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day whether you spent it alone or with someone.

I had the most interesting Valentines Day morning. I got up, went downstairs and made my husband and I a lovely  breakfast.

We sat down at the table to eat and all of a sudden two doves appeared. They landed on the top of our lattice fence outside on the back deck.  I can see the fence directly out of my sliding glass door from my chair at the kitchen table.

I kept saying “Ken, turn around, look at those two doves. They’re just sitting there.” I marveled at them and couldn’t stop commenting on the fact that they chose to have breakfast with us. Ken wasn’t quite as impressed as I was. I’m easily entertained and amused.

As Ken and I sat and ate, the two doves sat perfectly still. They would snuzzle with each other every once in a while and go back to their fluffed up sitting positions.

We sat at the kitchen table for at least forty five minutes and those doves sat there there with us as content as could be. It was very peculiar.

A feeling came over me that perhaps someone I loved who had passed on was visiting me on this fine Valentines Day. Maybe it was my father or my girlfriend who passed away on Feb 13 of last year. Who knows, maybe it was nothing more than two lovebirds needing a place to rest their tired wings.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful morning. The doves were a reminder that I have love and peace in my home and it is something to be grateful for every day.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that can bring you great joy.


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