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He Played Real Good For Free

I think I’m Ken’s first love but a close second is his guitar. He’s been playing since he was twelve years old and the guitar is like an extension of who he is.

With all of the free recorded music available to us I think we’ve forgotten how special live music is. It is such a treat to have a live human being play live music in the house.

Sometimes I take Kens playing for granted and don’t even notice it. I’ve been spoiled because it is the norm around here. When I am truly aware, which I try to be, I realize what a gift this music is and I sit and listen to Ken play. It is quite special and I feel privileged to be the one who gets to hear it. After all, how many people have a strolling minstrel in their house?

In downtown Asheville there are many musicians busking on the corners. Some of them are fair, some are good and some are very good. I try to be aware of them, listen, and acknowledge their gift by putting some money in their guitar case.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a musician. Just because we can switch radio stations with a touch of a button we must realize that all of these artists are real people who have been working at their craft for years. It is their gift which they share with us and it brings us joy.

One of my very favorite songs on the planet is “He Played Real Good For Free” by Joni Mitchell.  It is a hauntingly beautiful tune that says it all.

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