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How I Got My Momma On April Fools Day!

Well, did you make a Fool of someone yesterday?

I was able to pull a good one on my mother.

My mother is eighty eight and a fabulous lady. She lives in Ohio by herself, rents a duplex and keeps her house neat and clean as a pin.

About a month ago, she called me in a complete panic because she had those awful little sugar ants in her kitchen.  She was going out of her mind over this. She cleaned, took everything out of the cupboards, scoured everything down, put some of that gooey ant killer on a piece of cardboard and left it on the counter top hoping to get rid of them.

The ants finally left but she would still get up in the middle of the night and go into the kitchen just to make sure that there weren’t any hanging around.  After a day or two, all of the ants were gone and she hasn’t seen any since. This was a few months ago. She was so happy to be free of these creatures.

This was my conversation from yesterday.

“Hi mom, how are you? (we chatted for a little while about this and that)  “Wow, I was amazed to see you were on the Asheville news this morning, did you watch the news?” “No, I didn’t. What?” “They were talking about parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky having an infestation of sugar ants. It’s bad, really bad.”

“What?” “Yea, they said because of the extremely warm weather people in these areas would be having trouble all summer long.”

“They said if you’ve seen any of the ants so far this year make sure you get an exterminator out and have your home fumigated. They’ll bring in a crew, move out your furniture and gas the place.”  “Oh my Gosh, no, really?” “Yeah, isn’t that something? You better alert your landlord and get the exterminators out there as soon as possible. It’s bad.”  “Oh, no. That’s awful.”

The conversation went on for a while carrying on about the infestation in the mid west.

I finally said April Fools Day and we laughed. Gotcha mom! I’m so glad she didn’t have a heart attack.

I convinced my mother to call her neighbor friend and pull the same prank on her.

We rehearsed what she should say and me being the Expressive Arts Coach that I am……gave her lessons on being a dramatic actor.

I told her, “These ants almost sent you over the edge last time and your friend knows all about it. We need to hear some hysteria in your voice. This is big. This is horrible. Tell your friend that the exterminators are coming wearing their protective suits and gas masks. They have to move everything out of your place and you’ll have to leave the house for a few days. Ohhhhhhhhh.”

We rehearsed her lines and I think she had it down.

I’ll be so proud of my mom if she actually pulled this prank on her friend. It’s not likely, but I’ll be calling Ruthie today to get an update.

Hope you little joy cells had some fun on April Fools Day.





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