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How to Be More Joyful

Here we are again. Time to celebrate the holiday season. First we have Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas. A happy festive time for everyone. NOT!

The marketing teams have worked all year to come up with commercials that will reel you in. Everything from gadgets for the kitchen to creams for your face. You’ve got to have these things in order to feel good about yourself.

What??? You don’t have a Ronco shredomatic?  Come on people, let’s get with it. Your life will be complete once you buy the Ronco shredomatic. Oh yes, and don’t forget to pick up some of that rejuvenation cream that gets rid of cellulite after one application. You know your thighs are as big as a house. Are we that desperate to feel good about ourselves?

Americans have been spoon fed for generations. We’re told how we should look, what foods to buy, what car we should drive. We fall into the trap of we’re not enough and we get our cues from society and marketing companies.

You’re a size ten? Honey you need to get down to a zero! Where the heck did size zero come from anyway? A size six used to be considered tiny. Now we have to aspire to be a zero? Really? I don’t think I was a size zero when I was born and at this age I don’t think I’ll be squeezing into a zero or a two or a four any time soon. Guess what? I’m pretty happy with myself anyway. I’m not a cow but I could feel bad about myself if I believed what the magazines and commercials told me. “Babe, you’re just not good enough.”

I’m here to tell you that you are good enough. You are who you are and you are uniquely you. So when you celebrate this holiday season, think about celebrating who you are and who you’ve become over the course of your lifetime.  You have had some accomplishments in your life haven’t you?

Give yourself some credit. Do you get up every morning and go to work? Do you make your bed every day? Do you walk your dog? Fido certainly thinks you’re special for taking the time to pay attention to his needs. Do you take a shower every day so you won’t repel your friends and family? How much more do we need to do, accomplish and be in order to be happy with ourselves? It’s so simple yet we make it so complicated.

This holiday season, give yourself a break and appreciate all that you are and do. You are a gift to yourself. Be grateful for your body, the strong legs that carry you around even if they are chunky, the heart that beats every day to keep you alive, the eyes that open wide to let you see the wrinkles on your face. A brain so we can think about all this stuff we think we need. God gave us all that and we still want more.

How dare we be so bold as to think we’re not enough just because we don’t have an Ipad, an Iphone, the latest gizmo or the perfect body. Shame on us! Appreciate all that you bring to the world. Even if it’s watering a plant or feeding the birds or smiling at a neighbor.

Be grateful and see that life is not about acquiring things and striving to be more. You are enough. Adopt this attitude and you will live a more joyful life.

Experience Joy and Pass It On!


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