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I Can’t Breathe

Who’s hair brained idea was it to go primitive camping in 102 degree weather in August? Mine of course.

Ken my adorable Canadian husband who sweats when it gets over 72 degrees wants me to be happy. He agreed to take me camping for a few days because I bugged him for a week “Wanna go Camping?”

What exactly does that mean?

It meant spending a full day of getting the old camping gear out of the basement and cleaning the cob webs off of everything. It meant getting a new blow up mattress so that we could sleep comfortably on the ground . It meant getting all of the cookware and food ready, which I of course  went over board with.  I tend to focus on the food a little too much. Do you think bringing Chicken Mirabella on rice is a bit much?  It meant packing blankets for my foo foo dog Frito who doesn’t like to get his feeties wet and a bunch of other stuff like toiletries and clothes, sheets and towels etc.

Once we dragged all of the stuff out, we schlepped it from the house to the car and crammed it all in with just enough space left for poor Frito to poke his little head out.

We were sweating already. Bad sign.

Ken got the canoe up on the roof of the car and off we went for a cool lakeside camping adventure. Ahhh.

Our camp spot happened to be on a point which was lovely, but to get to it you had to haul your stuff down a long steep hill. There was no way to drive the car down to the point and hiking back up the hill with the gear would have been a nightmare. What would Daniel Boone do?  Put everything in the canoe and paddle to the sight of course. It worked like a charm.

Doing anything in 100 degree weather with no air flow is tough. Thank you lake for being there. We were dousing ourselves on a regular basis.

Night time arrived and it hadn’t cooled off a degree. Time for bed in our little A frame tent. We crawled in and realized very quickly that it was going to be a real challenge to sleep in there. The two of us laid side by side with no room to move and no air to breathe. How cozy.

At one point in the middle of the night, I just had to get out of the tent. I was starting to hyperventilate. It just so happened that a storm was brewing with thunder and lightening. Big lightening! Do we stay in the claustrophobic tent or do we hike up to the car in the total darkness, drag our sheets and mattress up the hill and take shelter there? I said,”That’s a stupid idea!” We chose to stay and believe it or not the storm passed. Thank you again.

We opened the fly and had no choice but to sleep with our heads hanging outside of the tent. I got used to having the daddy long legs crawl over my chest each night. We got to be quite chummy. I guess it could have been worse. A bear could have ravaged our campsite or a snake could have bit me in the face.  Foo Foo Frito was afraid of the thunder so we parked his butt on my legs in the 1/4 inch space that was left.

We spent 3 nights at the camp site.

I loved so much about being there. The peace and quiet, the lovely mountains and pine trees all around, the fresh, clear lake to canoe on and skinny dip in.
I loved being with Ken, Frito, and  nature. It was calming, beautiful, and I always come away with a new perspective on life.

We made it home in one piece and once again dragged all the paraphernalia into the house. I cleaned the camping gear, got rid of all my soggy cheese and  Chicken Mirabella. Ice in a cooler doesn’t last long when it’s 100 degrees outside. I washed all of the dishes, did three loads of laundry, bathed the dog, washed the car and thought to myself that was a magilla. (Jewish word for a big ordeal)

Will I ever go camping again? Of course.

It’s all about the joy of the experience for me, not whether everything went perfectly. If we have grand expectations of the outcome we’ll most likely be disappointed so it’s better to just go with an open mind of what is to be.

The joy of the adventure and the joy of coming home to my bed, toilet (yes, we had to dig a hole), shower, air conditioning and clean clothes was all worth it. It reminds me of how truly fortunate I am.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!

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