26 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment

I Get The Message!

The other day my friend and I were standing in my driveway getting ready to get in the car to go play some tennis. I had my cute little white tennis skirt on with my cute little white shirt. I had my cute little white socks on with my ever so cute little white tennis shoes.  I had my cute little hair in a cute little knot on my cute little head.

All of a sudden out of nowhere, I felt this plop on the side of my cute little face! What the heck was that? NOOOOOO! It couldn’t be! Yes, it was…..a bird had pooped on me! Can you imagine? I wasn’t under a tree or the telephone wire or anything. Out of nowhere bird poop landed on my face! It ran down the side of my cheek and onto my cute little white top and skirt. I thought I was gonna die, as Gilda Radner used to say.

The funny thing was, I had just stated to my friend that I wasn’t really a tennis player.  As soon as I got done saying that the bird let it go on my head.  My friend and I laughed so hard as I ran into the house screeching AHHHHHH!

I washed up and on we went to the tennis courts.

Do you know what?  I think the Universe was telling me that I should stop belittling my abilities. I am a fairly good tennis player that’s why. I’m not great, I’m not a pro, but I’m naturally athletic and I can hit the ball pretty darn well. The bird was telling me to shut up and acknowledge that I’m a decent player and stop trying to stay small.

So, now when someone asks if I play tennis, my answer will be yes I do and I’ll kick your butt.

Thanks little bird for the message!

Acknowledge what you do well, it’s ok to be good at something and admit it. You’re not boasting, you’re just owning it and that’s fabulous.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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  1. Rick 6 August 2011 at 2:23 pm Permalink

    The other day, a bird flying overhead saw what appeared to be a prime nesting site sitting conveniently at the top of a five foot white birch sapling. Unfortunately, upon getting a closer look, it was apparent that her initial assessment was faulty and she released a load in her disappointment. The commotion caused by her little accident frightened her away.

    The erstwhile white birch sapling, after recovering from her disgust, had a great epiphany. The Universe had just anointed her with bird poop as a sign that she was too humble. Rather, she needed self-recognition, a well-deserved pat of her own back for her tennis prowess.

    So, now when someone asks if she plays tennis, she will pick only one of the following answers.

    1. Yes I do. I’m a pretty decent recreational player. Perhaps we can make a play date.
    2. Yes, I enjoy it whenever I can. Do you play tennis too?
    3. Yes I do and I’ll kick your butt.

    I am amazed at how self-absorbed we tend to be, how full of ego. The littlest of occurrences cannot be taken at face value. Instead they always beg the question “Why did this happen to me?”. And, the answer needs to provide affirmation of our self-importance. Thanks little bird for the message!

    I prefer to believe that the bird’s excremental incident is a sign from the Universe that says “When you gotta go, you gotta go” rather than evidence that the Universe no longer considers humility a virtue and the humble shall be pooped on.

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