17 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

I Saved Moms Hydrangea

My mother came to visit me last spring from Ohio and gave me the most gorgeous Hydrangea. We hadn’t seen this variety before. It was a combination of pink and purple and we thought it was quite amazing.

I enjoyed that plant for a long time and then one day it started losing its leaves, the blooms died off and I wasn’t sure if it was still alive. I didn’t know what to do, I certainly didn’t want to throw it out. This was a special plant from my mother. What would I tell her?

Each time I would talk to her on the phone she would ask about the plant and how it was doing? “Oh it’s doing great mom, healthy, lots of blooms, just beautiful.” I was getting nervous. I can’t let this plant die. It meant so much to us.

I pruned it down to nothing and it basically looked like a dead twig. I decided to plant it outside and hope for the best, what else could I do? I just prayed that it would make it through the winter.

The other day I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and went outside to see if our Hydrangea made it. There it was, looking as healthy as could be, with it’s bright green leaves popping up out of the ground about a foot in diameter. I was so grateful and happy. I called my mother and told her that our Hydrangea was on it’s way to greatness!

If I ever move, that plant is going with me. It will be a reminder of all the special times my mother and I have shared.

Mom will be here in May and I can’t wait to show her our little plant. If we’re really lucky, maybe it will have a bloom.

Sometimes it’s the simple joys in life that mean the most.

Experience joy and pass it on!

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