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I Took The Challenge

The last posting I challenged everyone to give a compliment to a complete stranger. I managed to find a unique individual to give a compliment to today.

I was standing at the front desk at the YWCA and an African American girl about twenty five years old came in. She had a head full of braids down to her waist. Perfect. I said “Wow, I love your braids, you look just great. May I touch them?” She looked at me a bit cautiously at first but said “Sure.” She relaxed and we proceeded to have a conversation about the braids and how they were woven into her hair. We discussed how the process was done and how long it took. I asked her if the braids were made of real hair and yada, yada, yada.

After about 10 minutes we smiled and went our separate ways. She was very nice and appreciated the compliment, and I learned a little something about braided hair extensions. Quite interesting actually.

About fifteen years ago I met a girl in an elevator. We said hello and it just so happened we were both serving jury duty that day. We ended up in the same waiting room so we spent our time getting to know each other.  She and I became good friends after that and are still very good friends to this day. Fifteen years later, how cool is that?

Reach out to people, be open, be friendly, you just never know who you’re going to meet.

Experience joy and pass it on!

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