23 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Is It Cancer?

I know you’ve all been there before and it isn’t funny.

You’ve got a little something.  A strange virus, a weird mole, a cough that sounds a little suspicious, a crusty thing on your arm, whatever.

You don’t want to run to the doctor because it’s probably nothing right?

You wait and you stew over the whatever it is.  You start making up stories in your head like maybe I’ve got lung cancer, or it’s a tumor, or what if I have to have half of my arm cut off?

If we would only go to the doctor and have it checked out we wouldn’t have to make up stories.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday because I’ve had this little weird piece of skin sitting under my eye for about six months.

I was looking at it every day with my XXX magnifying glass with the zoom lens to see if anything new was happening. Every day I’d say, hmm… ”I think it looks different, it’s getting bigger I know it. Oh no, what if it’s cancer and the doctor has to remove my whole eye socket?’

I can breathe now because the doctor said he thinks it’s just a seborrheic keratosis. Of course we’ll know for sure when the results come back from the lab. If it is something, I’ll really have to dig deep down inside to stay joyful, but I know I can do it.

I must say, I look rather cute with my band aid stretched across my face.

I’m hoping when I take it off I don’t have a crater under my eye. If I do, I will smile and schmear it with some cream and remind myself that I don’t have cancer.

I was the girl who laid in the sun 6 hours a day. My mother would tell me that I looked like shoe leather.

If I get through this life with sun spots, a keratosis or two and no skin cancer, I will be most grateful.

Yesterday on Facebook I said I finally put myself before the oil change and went to the doctor. It’s true. The dogs teeth, the car, the lawn, they almost always come first. We must value ourselves more. Please take care of yourself, it will bring you, me, and those who love you great joy.


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