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Joy And Grief

I lost my mother-n-law Patricia Tuesday night to lung cancer.  I am glad that she is at rest now and that she has been released of the suffering.

I’m sitting here listening to Snatam Kaur and Krishna Das for comfort. It makes me cry but it’s lovely.

I had a wonderful relationship with my mother-n-law even though she lived twelve hours north of Toronto. I didn’t get to see her much. She loved to laugh and act like a silly girl. We had that in common.

The town she lived in was a small, quiet, northern logging community. I’m not sure what the locals thought of me. I used to ask Ken “Do you think I scare these people?” I was much more demonstrative and animated than most of the towns people.

One of my first visits to Kapuskasing Pat introduced me to lottery tickets. I had never bought one before so I dragged her into a convenience store to purchase my very first ticket. I bought my lottery ticket, got a penny from the clerk and slowly scratched off the silver patches that covered the numbers. Holy cow I won! Two dollars!

The actress in me came out and of course I wanted to create a scene so I shrieked  “OHHH-I won! I won!” making sure everyone in the place could hear me. Pat was so embarrassed but loved it, she laughed and laughed. We laughed together uncontrollably.

I have many stories of crazy things we did together. One time we put a piece of cosmetic sponge in her husbands oatmeal. We laughed so hard when it landed in his mouth. The look on his face was priceless. Boy did we laugh. He was such a good sport.

Pie crust. My pie crust always came out crumbly and fell apart. Pat taught me how to make the perfect pie crust. “It’s so easy” she would say as she cranked out five pies in a flash. I was trying way too hard. Now my pie crusts rock.

I think I’ll bake one in her honor and joyously eat it.

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