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Joy Tips My Eye: What If I’m Feeling Too Bad To Be Joyful?

I’ve been sending you some joy tips lately, hoping they will inspire you to get out and do something that will bring you more happiness.

Joy tips, shmoy tips….you say. How am I supposed to be joyful when I don’t feel joyful enough to do any of these stupid joy tips.

Sitting around and thinking about my joy tips won’t get you any where. Sitting around thinking won’t get you anywhere period.

You’ve got to take some action on something. If you’re sitting there analyzing if going for a walk will make you happy, STOP! Get yourself out of your head and get out of the door. Don’t think so much, just do it and you’ll find out if it makes you feel happier or not.

Think of these joy tips just like any other task that you do without much thought each day. You get up and wash your face and brush your teeth.  You don’t seriously think about it before you do it right? You just automatically do it.

With practice, once you start taking some action on some of my joy tips, being happy will become routine. You won’t think so much, you’ll just do. If getting flowers for the deck will make you happy then get them. Don’t over think it! Feeling better is the result of doing…..doing is not a result of feeling better.

Here’s an exercise for you. Get up in the morning and put on your favorite upbeat music. Turn it up loud if you can. Dance into the kitchen while you are making breakfast or coffee and sing with your favorite song. While you are singing and dancing, think about one thing that you would like to do that day to express yourself.

Keep dancing and say what it is that you are going to do today ten times out loud. “I am buying flowers for the garden today.”Each time you say it, increase your volume and intensity until you feel strong in your body. Make sure it is a positive, strong, affirmation. I am, is a good way to start out your affirmation. I am working out at  2pm today. I am going to sign up for a golf lesson now. I am calling a friend to go out for lunch today at noon.

When you are trying to bring more joy into your life, you need to take action the same way you do about everything else that you do in your day. If you think going to a yoga class will help you get to a happier place, then it is just as important to make sure you do it, as is washing your face, combing your hair or paying your bills.

We think of these extra fun things as frivolous but I think they’re just as important to our over all happiness like everything else we do.

I suggest you read over my joy tips once again or sign up for them if you haven’t already and force yourself to do some of these things. You don’t have to copy my joy tips exactly, come up with you own joy tips. Make a list of some of the things that you think might get you excited and then take action on one of them.

Anything worth doing takes effort. Fun doesn’t just appear in your life, you have to go after it just like everything else you strive for.

My joy tips may seem silly and trivial to you but once you start pushing yourself to do some new and crazy things you’ll see your joy increase. You are expanding the joy cells in your body.

I love to dance so my latest  is…..I’ve been going to Flash Mob dance rehearsals to get ready for the Flash Mob coming up downtown. If I had thought about doing this too long and hard, I might have talked myself out of it. Instead I got in the car, went to the studio and I’m having a blast.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and express yourself.



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