21 July 2011 ~ 5 Comments

Love What You Do! Do What You Love!

I was thinking, how much time do you spend doing what you love versus doing what needs to be done? Isn’t it amazing to think that most of our time is spent doing things that we think need to be done instead of choosing to do the things that we really enjoy doing?

I wonder if we’re trained to be this way or if we feel guilty about indulging in fun things because we know the grass needs mowing or the dog needs bathing.

I love to play tennis and I haven’t played in years. I allowed myself to play a few years ago for about a month on a regular basis but stopped and haven’t played since. What’s up with that? I say I love it, I know I love it when I’m playing, I know I feel better after playing because I’ve moved my body around for an hour or so. It’s great for my mind too, it gets me proactive in the morning and then I have more energy for the rest of the day.

I’ve thought of playing tennis a lot over the years, but just didn’t make the effort to do it. Isn’t that a funny concept? To really love something and not do it? Is there some kind of punishment in that? A feeling of I’m not deserving? A feeling of being indulgent because you think you should be working, or cleaning or chopping a tree down or washing windows?

I was brought up with the word “Productive” in my face. Society, parents,the workforce, ourselves, we all feel the need to be “Productive.” I don’t know if it’s like that in all countries but it certainly has been beat into our heads in this country.

What I realize is….doing something that we love is a gift to ourselves and others as well. When we create happiness and joy in our lives, we become happier people, we get more done, we become more motivated and we spread the joy around to others.

Get out of the habit of just doing things because they need to be done and let yourself have fun. Let yourself try new things, just for the heck of it. Go on a date with yourself once a week, do something that’s out of the ordinary for you.  How about taking a pottery class? How about trying tennis? How about taking a cooking class at your local university or studying a new language. Do something for the fun of it not because you need to or have to. Do it for no reason other than it might be fun.

Why is it so hard to treat ourselves? It may feel frivolous at first, like “What’s the point of me taking this pottery course. I’m not going to become a great potter.  I’ll probably make a stupid bowl and then that will be it.” Maybe so, but won’t it be fun trying? You are robbing yourself of the experience if you don’t do it. Don’t worry about the end result.

Take yourself out of your normal way of thinking and try something new just for the joy of it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. When you think of all the things we do consistently every day to sustain our lives it’s amazing. Think about it, we wash our bodies, we wash our teeth, we curl our hair (luckily I get to skip that one) we make our bed, we make coffee, we cook breakfast, we pay bills, we walk the dog, we get the car looked at, we go to the doctor, we take care of the yard, we go to a job or work of some kind which isn’t always fun and on and on.

We do this kind of stuff on autopilot every day so we get used to that routine. Keeping our life all together is a big deal. Give yourself credit for all that you do in that regular daily routine of yours and reward yourself.

So, I suggest that every day you do something that you love to do no matter how small. Read 5 pages of your favorite book, take a walk with a friend, lay in the sun for 20 minutes, listen to your favorite music while doing nothing else, play the guitar, draw or paint. I also suggest you make a date with yourself and put it on the calendar. Make it as important as all the other stuff that you feel you need to get done. Spend some time doing the things that you love to do! It’s important! You’re worth it! You deserve it! Celebrate your life on a daily basis. It will be over before you know it.

I made the decision today that I am going to play more tennis. Yay for me!

Oh, and writing this joy blog….I’ll be doing more of that too!

What will you allow yourself to do for fun? Tell us so we can celebrate with you!

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


5 Responses to “Love What You Do! Do What You Love!”

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