26 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

How McDonalds Left Me Speechless

I was driving to Morganton, NC the other day and  stopped at a McDonalds for a cup of coffee. I sat down with my piping hot java in hand at a table bathed in sunshine. Mmmmm…..nothing better.

I observed the people coming in and out. Construction workers, young girls, business men. Everyone had their little lives and agendas to attend to.

One man caught my eye. He was a big man dressed in suit pants, a nice shirt and a tie. He sat down by himself with his breakfast burrito.

He bowed his head, closed his eyes and sat with his head in his hands praying for about two minutes. He wasn’t just casually praying to get it over with, he was seriously praying. It was a lovely sight. His friend, another large nicely dressed man joined him at the table.  They held hands and they prayed together. I’m not used to seeing people pray like that in a restaurant so I found it curious.

It affected me deeply. Here in McDonalds  two business men were praying over their food. They weren’t concerned with who was watching them.  I got out my notepad and thought to myself…this will be my next dailyjoylog entry.

My husband and I got in the habit of giving thanks before our meals  many years ago. When there are so many people in the world going hungry, it only seems right to take a moment and acknowledge the food I have sitting in front of me waiting to be eaten.  I stop and give thanks with attention before I snarf down the burger and fries. It’s one habit that I don’t mind having.

Try it, it will add joy to your life.


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