Acting Videos

I’m a singer, actress, voice over artist, sketch-writer and Expressive Arts Coach. Here are few clips of my work. Please in-joy!

The Jubilee Players were proud to present The Curious Savage, a heartwarming comedy written by John Patrick  that played on May 13,14,15, 2010.

Original comedic sketch from the play ‘Knock! Knock!, Crossing the Threshold of Faith and Home,’ Friday, April 17th &18th, 2009 at the Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville, NC by actors Amy LaDeroute, Richard Camuto and Tebbe Davis. Part 1 and Part 2

Original Esther and Bernie Comedic Sketch by Amy LaDeroute and Tebbe Davis

Comedic sketch performed at Jubilee Community Church called Arabian Nights. Featuring ME as a Moroccan Interpreter

Here’s a song (me singing) from our Soul Affirmation – Music for Better Outcomes CD.

A comedic sketch a la SNL featuring Annie Rasheed the host of the Real Estate Scene and her guest Penny Pincher, played by Amy LaDeroute. They discuss safety practices in the real estate business.