24 April 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Saturday Morning in Downtown Asheville

Let’s face it, living in downtown Asheville is somewhat of a circus!

This morning Ken and I got up early, made our coffee and walked into town to see what was happening. We are never disappointed. There is always something going on and today was no exception.

First of all, we ran into a couple of friends that we’ve known for years who live in Boone where we used to live. That’s always a real kick when you run into old friends from somewhere else isn’t it?

Next leg of our journey we ran into a parade of men walking in high heeled shoes. It’s an International March to help bring awareness to and stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence.  It’s called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. What a great idea!

It was quite a scene. Men of all shapes, sizes, and ages hobbling around in some wild and very high heeled shoes making their way around town.  I can tell you, from the shoes these guys were wearing they are going to be in some serious pain tonight. Massage therapists, this is your chance to make some big bucks!

I particularly liked the guy with the white patent leather knee high boots with the six inch heels and platforms.  Can you imagine the pain he’ll be in after walking a mile?  Oh yes, the guy with the very dark hairy legs dressed like a nun was rather attractive  as well.

Good for these guys! They weren’t concerned about what people thought of them and they had the guts to step outside of their box for a good cause and some fun.

The first step is the hardest when it comes to getting outside of yourself. We are so used to the way we are and have always been. Let me tell you the benefits of thinking like someone else and allowing yourself to come out of your box is huge. You start to open yourself up to joy. It takes a little practice, but you’ll get there.

Experience joy and pass it on!

Just leave a comment below this post, or click here “WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY” and tell us what brings you joy. :)



2 Responses to “Saturday Morning in Downtown Asheville”

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