√  Are you having any fun lately?
√  Has your life become ordinary, boring and dull?
√  Do you feel like an actor playing a role that isn’t really you – like a faceless stranger, where you can’t even recognize yourself anymore?
√  Do you ever feel unnoticed or skipped over?
√  Do you feel like there’s someone hiding inside you that’s dying to come out?


Maybe you’re that closet singer or actress aching to come out and perform?

Maybe you just long to express yourself and finally be seen, heard and understood.

Maybe you’re a desperate housewife looking for more joy, newness and adventure but don’t know where to begin.

Stop Right Now. Get Out Of Your Head And Get Into Your Body!


What’s it telling you?

  • Is it rigid and tight?
  • Is it afraid of opening up?
  • Is it afraid of being seen just as it is?

Is Something Missing?

Maybe you’ve got the money, house and trips but despite all this, your true spirit isn’t shining through and your soul isn’t singing.

You’ve got plenty of time, you make yourself busy decorating and shopping, but somehow at the end of the day… you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything truly worthwhile.

Oh sure, you pretend you’re happy, but often, you feel a little empty inside. Sometimes you just eat and drink to mask  the pain.


I know – it’s scary. It takes courage to be vulnerable and express yourself. It takes courage to be seen for who you really are without worrying about looking silly or what other people might think of you.

If you’re stuck in your head – maybe it’s time to learn how to express yourself with your body?

Wouldn’t it Be Awesome?

It’s true what they say… girls just want to have fun.

But some of us have gotten so overburdened and overwhelmed with life, somewhere along the way, our natural fun selves have gotten locked up and put up on a shelf and lost somewhere.

Imagine what it would it feel like to really come alive and break out – be seen and be heard for who you really are?

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally discover the value or truth of yourself and what you could bring to the world?
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally figure out what makes you unique and different?
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to break free and truly come alive?
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could stop settling for second best and really put yourself to the test?

Life Isn’t A Dress Rehearsal

  • When are you going to stop hiding and come out?
  • When are you going to discover who you really are so that you can live a joyful life?
  • When are you going to live the life that you dream of?
  • When are you going to face the fear and do it anyway?

Tell That Old Voice to Shut Up!

If your inner voice is telling you….

  • I’m too old
  • I’m not thin enough
  • I can’t learn this

Create a new inner voice that says…

I deserve to have fun and I’m having fun so SHUT UP!

Maybe it’s time for a new YOU!

Break Out – Be Seen – Be Heard

Express Yourself for More Joy, Fun & Adventure

A New YOU!

Maybe it’s time for a new YOU…

  • A time to come out and break out of your shell and shine
  • A time for creativity, fun, aliveness and adventure
  • A time to face your fears and own up to your truth and power
  • A time to express yourself – to break out, be seen and be heard for who you truly are

Expressive Arts Coach

If you’re a desperate housewife longing to come out of your shell, break out of your mold and find your long-lost hidden inner voice that’s just been dying to come out, well, this is your lucky day!

Because I help desperate housewives find the freedom to express themselves so that you can finally be seen and be heard for who you truly are – for more joy, fun and adventure.

  • I am the expert in helping middle-aged women feel better about themselves and open up to who they are and find fun and joy
  • I help you remember what it was like to be the silly girl you once were
  • I’ll help you release things from your past that you may be holding in your body
  • I help you discover what prevents you from facing old patterns and mindsets that might be keeping you tight and rigid in your body
  • We’ll work together to discover what is holding you back so that you can slowly open up again
  • I help you get excited about trying new things, so that you can step out of your comfort zone and begin to get out there in a bigger way
  • I help you to get out of your head and into your body
  • I’ll help you to feel good about yourself
  • I help you find your unique gifts and talents
  • I help you loosen up and drop your inhibitions
  • I’ll help you express yourself – break out – be seen – be heard

Through attitude-shift, body movement and vocal exercises, we’ll work together as a team to get you loosened up, opened up for a bigger, larger and more out-going personality and presence.

I hold a sacred space so that you can break out – be seen and be heard.

How I Work

√  I work globally. Most sessions are done over the phone, email or video Skype in 45 minute coaching sessions.
√  You’ll find it super easy to open up to me.
√  I’m fun and easy-going.
√  I’m like your best friend.
√  Working with me is safe and comfortable, light and uplifting.
√  My style is energetic, creative, fun and results-focused.

I’m so confident about my coaching services, if after the first 30 days, if you don’t absolutely love the work that we’re doing, and if you don’t absolutely see this is exactly what you need to overcome your challenges, and receive the results you’re looking for, then not only do you not need to continue after the first month, but you can have a full refund of every penny that you paid.

If you are sincere about breaking out contact me via email amy (at) or by calling me at 828-406-6954

Don’t waste another minute being locked up, unseen and unheard!

Life is Serious Enough Already! Open Up – Express Yourself & Experience Joy !

Your Friend,



Expressive Arts Coach