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Sorry Walmart You Just Can’t Compete!

Christmas has come and gone and I can tell you one thing. When it comes to gifts, I believe I received one of the most spectacular ones this year and Walmart could not provide it.

My husband and I went to Blowing Rock, NC for Christmas. A beautiful place. A friend of ours let us use his cabin for the weekend which just so happened to overlook the most gorgeous mountain ranges.

At approximately 6:45 in the morning the sky started to lighten and woke me out of a deep sleep. I got up and made coffee. Ken and I sat and watched this amazing natural wonder. Every color of the rainbow appeared. Orange, purple, red, blue, green and yellow. It filled the entire sky with spectacular colors from one end to the other. It changed shapes and colors every few minutes until the sun finally poked through to say “Good Morning” What could be better than this?

I don’t think a new bread machine or an Ipod can compare to something as beautiful as that miraculous sunrise. How can a person not feel spiritual when witnessing something as profound as this. How can a person not feel privileged and blessed to see such a sight up in the sky?

Ken and I don’t celebrate Christmas in the usual way with gifts. We are fortunate enough to have all that we need to survive and then some. Peace and quiet, fresh air, a visit with friends, good food, a quiet walk and watching a super duper sunrise together brings us great joy.

I know Walmart carries pretty much everything, but it fails to bring me a sunrise like the ones I witnessed over Christmas.

May you have the good fortune to see a beautiful sunrise this new year.

Experience Joy And Pass It On!


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