Register Your Spread Joy Log

Hi Everyone!

A special “Spread Joy Board” was given to Amy LaDeroute on her birthday, May 4, 2015 by Margo Lenmark, Steve Berndt, Anne Rasheed, Patti Jupiter, Leigh and Ritchie Jacobs in honor of the joy she spreads to others.

In honor of Amy we are starting a tradition of spreading joy to others and passing this board along to those who need and deserve joy.

When Amy finds someone special she wishes joy she will pass it on to that person with her name and the recipient’s name, date and place on the register  in the envelope attached to the back of the board. When that person finds someone they particularly wish joy they will pass it on and do the same.

Keep the “Spread Joy Board” for a short time but eventually it must be shared.

This is our way of spreading joy forever in our hope that the world will melt into universal love of one another…and we will live in a deep fulfilling state of JOY.

So here we go….Spread JOY!

Please Click Here to Register Your Name on the “Spread Joy Register”

 Thanks for registering!