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The Blowfish

I get pretty excited when it comes to fishing because I haven’t done much of it in my life.

A few weeks ago at Pawleys Island, I had a very exciting experience with a blow fish.

A small group of us were fishing off of my friend Anne’s dock.  Since most of us weren’t expert fisherman we spent our time working on our casting skills while Anne was busy throwing out a big fishing net.

All of a sudden, we see Anne dragging the net back to the dock and in it was this round thing that looked like a nerf ball or maybe a buoy. Anne popped that thing on the dock and this big round blow fish flipped on it’s back and started spewing water in little gushes out of its bitty gills. They were funny little things that  looked like ears. Water started to spray out of  its strange looking snoot.

We were amazed at this thing. Spew, gush, gush. Spew, gush, gush out came the water. All of a sudden this big round blow fish deflated and became a fish fish. Whoa!!!!!! This was over the top. We had never seen such a thing and you can imagine all of us but Anne yelling and carrying on. Anne was used to seeing things like this,  she had more fun watching us.

This weird looking thing stayed fish like for a few minutes and then puffed itself back up into a ball again.  Amazing.  We laughed and shreiked. It was quite a spectacle. It was better than any movie or  theater presentation that I’ve seen in a while. It was a little sea creature doing what it naturally does. We were so impressed.

There are so many natural wonders around us to look  and marvel at. So much entertainment given to us for free. I’d much rather spend a few hours watching my friend the blow fish than I would many other forms of entertainment. We become desensitized to the unique and wonderful things around us. All we have to do is take the time to notice and care.

We threw Barney the blowfish back in the water and called it a day.  He would be a very hard act to follow.

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