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The Conference Crashers

Five years ago my girlfriend and I took a long weekend trip to Wilmington, NC. What a trip it was! The two of us always seem to find a way to get into mischief.

We arrived in my sweet miata which broke down as soon as we got there. I can’t remember what happened to it but the nice guy at Advanced Auto Parts helped us out and then asked us out to dinner. Thanks but no thanks.

One night we decided to head over to the Blockade Runner Hotel which was located on the beach to see what was happening. We strolled around the halls and decided to pop our heads into one of the conference rooms. Low and behold there was some sort of teachers convention going on. We must have looked pretty friendly because they invited us in. Why not? Looks like fun to me.

We made ourselves right at home dancing and drinking and joining in with the gang. It was a hoot. We played this musical chair like game and I won the grand prize. They had some kind of dance contest and once again I won the prize. Door prizes, you guessed it, I won those too. Here we were strangers, conference crashers and I was cleaning up.

It gets funnier, when it came time for the photo for their newspaper we weaseled our way into that too. We laughed so hard thinking won’t they be surprised to see us in their little  Teachers Gazette when they get home?  Who are these girls and what were they doing at our convention?

The rest of the weekend was just as crazy. Writing about it makes me want to go back for another dose of fun.

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