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April Fools Prank (Part 1)

One of my favorite days is April Fools Day. I am a real lover of practical jokes. I’ve done them since I was a kid.

After I grew up (yeah right) and got married, I started pulling little harmless April Fools jokes on my husband.  I got him every time….for years and years.

He is such a lovely soul, he would never ever pull a prank on me or anyone else. He is a very sensitive man and doesn’t find pulling pranks on people funny or cute.

This year was different.

Here’s the story of how I got totally snowed under! Don’t get mad at my hubby…..I totally deserved this one!

A few months ago, I decided to go to a talent audition that was held at the University here in Asheville. It was a regional audition where many different talent agents from across the region came to check out the local talent. We had to do a monologue and sing.

Some of the agents were from Dinner Theaters, Community Theaters and Repertory Theaters. There were about 50 agents in the audience and a few hundred people auditioned over the course of two days.

We gave press kits consisting of  head shots and resumes to each of the agents.  On the back of my resume I included my video clips for some of the comedic sketches that I had done. They are the ones on my daily joy log website under videos.

This was my very first audition ever and I basically did it just for the experience.  I wasn’t hoping or expecting for any great things to come out of it, just the experience of auditioning.

A few days later, I got a call back from the Director of  The Montford Players here in Asheville. The director wanted me for a role in an upcoming play but unfortunately I was already booked for something else that same weekend.

April 1st I received an email from a big Talent Agency in Beverly Hills wanting me to come and meet with them. They wanted me to audition for something.

It was a very vague letter so I knew right then that my husband had pulled an April Fools joke  on me. He said no, it wasn’t an April Fools joke and showed me the emails return address which was from this agency in Beverly Hills.

He worked very hard at making everything look legitimate. He had the logo, he had a phone number which was real, he had Lois Goldman as the Senior Artistic Director who I looked up and sure enough she lived in Beverly Hills, he had the address, he worded things like an agent would. Everything made sense.

I still wasn’t convinced this was for real but… I wrote back to Ms. Lois Goldman the Artistic Director. I asked her to please give me more information concerning this audition.

I received a letter back from Ms. Goldman saying that a talent scout of theirs was at the NC auditions and got my press kit. They watched one of my you tube videos and one caught their eye.

They were interested in me coming out to California to do a screen test. They needed a girl in a certain age group with big curly hair for a part in a feature film.

Oh come on, this is just too nuts! I still couldn’t believe someone from Beverly Hills would be emailing me. I still wasn’t convinced but……I wrote back to Lois again. What if, right?

I asked Lois to explain to me what I would be doing once I got out there.  She replied with a very detailed letter.

She explained everything about how the screen test would be done, the time it would take, hair, makeup, the director, blocking, contracts and commissions.  It started to sound like this was for real. I was getting excited but still thought this was definitely too crazy to be true. You know how that is, you know it can’t be true, but you want to believe that it might be true.

My husband kept telling me that stranger things have happened. People get discovered all of the time in the weirdest ways. I thought, well, that’s true, crazy things do happen.

I started talking to my husband about the cost of the trip and all the particulars. He was 100% behind me. This was going to be a big nut to crack but he would gladly shell out whatever was needed and he would go with me to California. What a husband. Isn’t he the sweetest, most supportive guy on the planet? Actually, he really is.

I wrote to Lois again…..still skeptical but starting to believe. She asked me if I could come out some time in May or June. She told me that she was so busy that she might have to pass me over to this producer guy named K.K.Barrett. Of course, I looked him up and found out that he produced “Lost in Translation”, “Marie Antoinette”,”Being John Malkovich” and other great movies. Now I’m really starting to flip out. What the heck do they want with me?

By now, four days have gone by and this thing is getting bigger and bigger. I finally decide to call my mom, and three girlfriends to share what is going on in my life. I kept telling them how crazy I thought this whole thing was but the fact was, I finally started believing that this was really going to happen.

Day number five, my girlfriends have now called their friends and everyone is so excited for me. One of my girlfriends started planning a fundraiser for us. It was going to be called “Send Amy and her horrible husband who now sleeps in the car to Hollywood.”

She wanted to invite all of our friends, charge an admission, we could play music, everyone would bring food and we’d have a great big party. She knew that all of our friends would be happy to join in on it.I was so touched by her support, love and enthusiasm.

Once again, I got another letter from Lois Goldman saying how happy she was that I would be coming out to Ca. It then said, for more information “click here”. When I clicked on the “click here” up came a Bulldog in a pink outfit with it’s tongue out. It said “Happy April Fools Day.”

Underneath the picture it said, “This is for all the times you got me.” Love, Lois Goldman. I just couldn’t believe it! My now husband that I don’t talk to, actually pulled a huge April Fools joke on me. I was flabbergasted! I roared over this and I could tell that my now ex-husband felt bad about it.

I immediately got on the phone and called all of my friends. They too were stunned.  We cackled about this for hours! I must admit, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to have this very unique experience in Hollywood, but I was honestly more flipped out about my husband (who now has one leg missing) snowing me under like that.

It was so out of character for him. He was absolutely amazing. He gets the practical joke award of the century!

When things settled down, I thought about this whole experience. I learned so many things about myself and others. I will share my thoughts with you in my next Joy Log.

I hope you had a lovely April Fools Day.  If you can top this prank….please share it with the rest of us.

All I can say is……my hubby better beware!

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