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The Magic Keys

I know many of you have had weird amazing things happen to you before. Here’s an amazing thing that happened to us  the other day.

We were headed out of town on Hwy 40 going up to Boone. We had been driving for about twenty minutes on the highway when this big blue pickup truck pulls up next to us on the passenger side. He kept staring at me through the window. Am I that captivating? Is he flirting with me even though Ken is right there next to him? How strange.

The next thing I know the guy is driving next to me on the drivers side staring at me through my window. I look over and he’s shaking a set of keys at me and pointing to the rear of our vehicle. What’s up with this guy? I’m driving so my keys must be in the ignition right?

Ken and I decided to pull off at the next exit to investigate. Sure enough, there’s Ken’s big wad of keys laying or perhaps lying on the bumper. Can you believe that? We had been going about sixty five miles per hour for twenty minutes and those keys stayed on the bumper the entire time. We were blown away not to mention grateful.

We would have gone out of our minds trying to figure out where that set of keys went to when we got home.  I’m sure we would have torn the house apart looking for them.

I would have liked to thank the guy in the blue truck  but he just kept on going. I’m just happy that he noticed the keys sitting on the bumper and made the effort to tell us that they were there. Crazy story eh?

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