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The Queen of Funk Fit

I’ve been going to the YWCA in Asheville for the past four years. In fact, I worked at the front desk for a while. I became very good friends with the Director of Memberships and she has been after me for two years to teach an aerobic class.

“Me?” “Why me?” “I never even go to classes and you think I’m going to be able to teach one?”

I was a cheerleader in my youth so I do have some rhythm. I do love to dance so I can probably create a funky routine that might be fun. I do have a big mouth and I like to motivate people so why not? How hard could it be?

I agreed to teach a class if I could create my own unique thing. The director gave me the liberty to do what I wanted and Funk Fit was born. A mix of funky dance steps, aerobics and a bit of weight work. For the heck of it I added a bit of Afroceltic music and we River Dance to it. Can you believe it? It’s a work out all right. I can barely get through the routine myself without passing out. When it’s over I am beat red in the face and drenched. I think I got confused and thought I was still a 17 year old when I created this monster.

The great thing is, last week I had 11 people and we really started to look like a little dance troop of sorts. How cute we are jumping around and what fun we have! We sweat and get our heart rates up and pretend we are going to be the next contestants on Dancing With the Stars. Isn’t that something? Who knew? Sometimes when you think you can, you can. You just have to try.

I really look forward to my Tuesday morning class at 8:15. Join us won’t you?
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